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Androula’s kitchen, Cyprus on a plate, contains a wonderful variety of  personal anecdotes and practical information about current and lost ways of life on Cyprus. Sonia also follows up her passion for the island’s traditional skills such as pottery, weaving and basket making, letting us see current examples of the crafts through beautiful photos accompanied by informative explanations. You really get a taste of daily life on the island, and we haven’t even got to the recipes yet.”

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It has been a great deal of fun collating the information and gathering all the photographs on the trips to Cyprus. Writing ‘Androula’s Kitchen-Cyprus on a Plate’  has helped me connect to my cultural heritage and my father’s roots.

A meze of Cypriot culture is on offer in “Androula’s Kitchen-Cyprus on a Plate”, from arts to crafts to food.

A rich selection of photographs give a flavour of the beautifully rugged countryside of Cyprus, as well as a taste of the traditional and contemporary on the island.

The evocative memories of the my first trip to Cyprus in the mid 1960’s with its definite middle eastern flavour, have stayed with me over the years. Whenever I return, I’m unconsciously searching for the Cyprus that existed then. It is still to be found behind the facade of the European Cyprus of the 21st century and I went on a journey of exploration to see what I could find.

My love of the arts and crafts were fully indulged when I met with practitioners of both the contemporary and traditional on a couple of research trips to gather information and photographs. I now have a deeper knowledge of the part these crafts played in society in the past and how they are evolving in the 21st century.

Weaving, basket making, pottery and the arts each have a section in the first half of the book while the second part is devoted to food. Cyprus, being such a fertile country can grow almost anything, yielding a rich and varied diet. Friends and relatives were the source of the traditional recipes and methods of cooking.There are descriptions of Cypriot culture in a bygone age added to the mix of delicious recipes to tempt your taste buds.

I learned about not just the methods of preparation and cooking but also the culture and customs connected with the food. My Auntie Eugenia spent three days with us at my cousin Androula’s house in the Troodos mountains showing us the methods of cooking that my grandmother passed down to her. We not only had several cookery lessons we also ended up with some delicious food at the end of it. Some of the family and friends from the village came to help us eat it.

‘Androula’s Kitchen- Cyprus on a Plate’ 

Places where it’s available In Cyprus- Lefkosia:-  Mouflon, Soloneion & Mam bookshops, The Leventis Museum, Inga’s Veggie Heaven, The Folk Art Museum, CVAR, 

K.P. Kyriakou Limassol and Paphos

In Paphos area:-  Lemba Pottery, ,, Steni Museum, Koukklia Arts, Kouklia nr. Paphos. Inia basket museum. Paradisos Hotel, , Technopolis Paphos, ,Exhibit @Polis, The Place Paphos,



3 thoughts on “About the Book

  1. Sonia,
    My copy of Androula’s Kitchen arrived, you’ll never guess – precisely on my birthday! It couldn’t have been better timed!

    I am writing here because I want my response to serve as a testimonial as well as a personal thank you. The book is such a labour of love, and so beautifully done. What a great mix of story, travel and cook book, reminiscences, photos, and art. A truly unique book with something for everyone, and taken as a whole, a very satisfying blend of visual, practical and imaginative ‘food’. I can’t wait to try the recipes, but for the moment I am reading every word of it.
    It is just so well designed and colourful, everyone should order it for themselves and and extra one for a friend.

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