To Spitiko tou Archonta

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One of the people I am most grateful to for her contribution to my book, is my cousin Androula. Without her there wouldn’t have been a book. She is the owner of To Spitiko tou Archonta a beautiful stone built traditional mountain lodge, which she runs as a guest house in Treis Elies. I went to visit  her at the house for the first time in late 2009. Androula has restored the house and to her delight, quite a few bits of old furniture came with it when she bought it. One cupboard was actually made for the young couple who moved into the house when it was first built.

As a lover of old furniture and artefacts, I felt immediately at home when I walked through the door for the first time. Androula has furnished the parts of the house used by the guests with more traditional pieces of furniture and textiles lending a truly authentic feel.

It was after this visit that I had the idea for writing the book “Androula’s Kitchen- Cyprus on a Plate” The title of Androula’s Kitchen popped into my head right at the beginning of the process. It was Androula’s  passion for preserving the fast disappearing traditions of the village way of life that inspired me. As well as furniture, her kitchen was filled with traditional baskets, pottery and linen which set me wondering how these crafts are faring today.

If you want a tranquil place to stay in beautiful surroundings  you couldn’t do better than To Spitiko tou Archonta, Androula will make you most welcome. 

Buy the book here cropped-cropped-p1020257_22.jpg

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