I love any stuffed vegetables cooked the Cypriot way. Aubergines, courgette, tomatoes and not forgetting vine leaves. Yemista?


Food Glorious Food

Here are a few of my favourite photos of food taken in Cyprus on my travels.

This was a fantastic dish of kleftico my aunt Eugenia made for us at Spitiko tou Archonta. So simple, lamb and potatoes with a few bay leaves, salt and pepper, sealed in a pot and cooked for several hours. Absolutely delish.

This is a plate of yemista or stuffed vegetables that I had started to tuck into at Scorpios’ restaurant in Paphos. A very traditional dish using a stuffing mixture of rice, meat with onions and tomatoes to stuff baby aubergines , courgettes and peppers. Truly tasty.

This is an Androula salad. Very simple with avocado tomatoes, spring onions, lettuce and cucumber dressed with oil and lemon. A great  cooling accompaniment  to those rich dishes.

Kalin Orexi…enjoy.