Petra tou Romiou – Aphrodite’s Birthplace

After visiting the Baths of Aphrodite I wanted to pay a visit to the birthplace of the Goddess of Love . Where the beauteous Venus rose from amongst the surf, legend has it, was at a spot called Petra tou Romiou . This spot is to be found along the old Paphos to Limassol road, the B6. The coastline is quite spectacular on this stretch of  road and I used to enjoy driving along it. There is now a major motorway which will take you all the way from Paphos to Lefkosia and Larnaka  if you wish for speed and  it has to be said this does reduce the travel time but my, is it tedious and much of the coastal views are lost behind the safety barriers.So as I was to journey from Polis to Larnaka I chose the scenic route and I wasn’t disappointed. You have to have your wits about you though, as the signs are determined to get you onto the A1, the motorway, at every opportunity. But stick with the B6 and you’ll be rewarded with a varied and interesting , if somewhat longer drive.

The coastline where the Petra tou Romiou lies is scattered with large rocky outposts and coves there is now a tourist pavilion on the opposite side of the road where you can park and walk through a tunnel which will take you under the road and onto the beach. I was very surprised to see how busy it was, the last time I visited, many years ago, it was almost deserted.

Now it was a busy beach with bathers and sightseers alike. The really touching site, everywhere you looked, was where visitors had left their mark by placing pebbles in the shape of hearts with messages of love. This brought to mind my recent visit to Hambis o’Haractis whose latest works are screen prints on the theme of Petra tou Romiou and the goddess of LOVE with references to these tokens left by all the lovers and possibly would be lovers, who had visited the site. He has worked many variations on the theme and all are delightfully colourful using yellows, pinks, blues and greens.

Further along this road you can access Kolossi castle and ancient Kourion as well as driving through the British Sovereign base of Akrotiri.

I lost the  road  completely, unfortunately, when I reached Limassol, it seemed to disappear without a trace and I wound my way around the streets of old Limassol where there were many quite impressive old buildings to distract me,  finding my way to the seafront where I was sure I would eventually pick it up again once I had fought my way through the traffic and crowds. But by then time and energy was disappearing fast and I decided to give in and follow the A1.