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I know it may seem like a long way ahead but I’ve been thinking, on and off, about my debut as a cookery demonstrator in February. Yes, the world has gone topsy turvy. I can cook of course but I do not consider myself in any way as ‘a cook’  if you see what I mean. I still have to read recipes when cooking cakes, I measure most things instead of judging by eye. I like to try out new things and as regular readers will know I love a good cake recipe. It was only when I stopped regular work a few years ago that I really had the time to think properly about cooking and when I was researching for the book I tried out a lot more recipes. Like most things you become more confident and knowledgeable with practice.

I was asked to do a small demonstration and talk on food  and crafts relating to my book by a local private college that runs short and long courses on food and art & craft subjects. The college, West Dean, is run by the Edward James Foundation and my path has led there on more than one occasion over the years for many different reasons. I of course have done a few courses on rare occasions but I have also worked there. For many years I used to give a lecture to the furniture restoration students about painted furniture restoration once a year, more recently I did a concentrated 3 day session with the post-graduates. When the renowned interior decorator David Mlinaric was engaged to give the dining room and surrounding areas a makeover in the 1980’s they asked me to work with him on the stencilled frieze that ran around the walls. I have even worked part time as a kitchen assistant, so now I find it a little ironic that I’ve been asked to do this talk.

As it’s only half a day and the first half is only one and a half hours long I’m going to have to find a few things that are quick and possibly take some things that are already prepared. While I’ve been pondering, I always wanted to try making skordalia. Although I’ve never eaten this in Cyprus  it is eaten with salted cod in Lent and sounds delicious. It is a dip made with stale bread soaked in water to soften, olive oil and garlic pounded with salt. You can add nuts, almonds or walnuts and also it can be  made with mashed potato. I made some today used stale bread and pine nuts,  if you like fresh pesto you’ll love this.

I think this may be one thing I can take and a melitzanasalada  which is another dip made with aubergines. I also want to make some keftedhes. These are those tasty little meatballs that pop up everywhere especially at weddings and parties. Of course I’m tempted to make a cake and the one that is so popular in Cyprus, Shamali. I’ve even made a video of this, check out the recipes page on the drop down menu under food.


Sssh shamali -It’s a Good Thing


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Well my video debut has arrived and I’m on You Tube!!!! I have been fiddling with the iMovie programme on my lap top and it has been both ffs fun and frustrating. I am constantly amazed at how sophisticated computers are these days and what you can do with them.

My first foray into movie making was making two videos about the cake shamali, I chose this subject because this recipe on the website is the most looked at post. The first shorter video is taken from some interviews my friends and I recorded in December. Rosemary Moon is a well known food writer who lives in my village and was the instigator and driving force behind our community garden, she offered, very kindly to help me make some videos by asking me questions to help the information flow forth as I was having a great deal of difficulty talking straight to camera on my own. It has taken me all this time to get to grips with the technology and find the time to fiddle. Here is the first one:-

On Sunday my friend Karen gamely agreed to help me shoot the second video of me making the cake, which I’m quite pleased with, the cake turned out OK as well so quite a successful day all in all.

Last week saw me make the bold decision to  visit  Cyprus in April for promotional purposes. About ten days or so ago I received an email from the principle of Larnaka Art College, Michael Paraskos. I had sent his father Stass Paraskos ,the founder of the college, a copy of the book as a token of good will as I had used a lot of images of the college in Lemba which, although started as the main art college is now just used for the summer school.

I’m pleased to say he liked the book and has asked me to give a talk on both the book and my work at their Friday lectures held every Friday afternoon in term time at the Larnaka college. I thought this would be a great opportunity to promote it and hopefully sell a few copies! Surprisingly I found that the lectures are linked to the local U3A group which is a great connection as I belong to my local group in Chichester and can see another promotional opportunity to write an article about meeting them and hopefully get it accepted in the U3A magazine. I’m such a publicity tart these days!!! There is also offer of a free table at a Craft Fair that is being held at the college on my first Sunday there. So a cornucopia of opportunity could await.

While I’m out there I’m hoping to link up with people I have made acquaintance with on the internet as well as visit the book shops who have stocked the book. I also want to gather even more information, food for more blogs and who knows another book in the future. Ambitious, I think at this stage as I have to concentrate on selling this one first. I can but dream.

Don’t forget you can order your copy of ‘Androula’s Kitchen- Cyprus on a Plate’ on this site at a very special price just click on the Home Page and follow the links. Why not buy it for a friend for Christmas? Read the reviews by clicking on the menu bar.