Lucky Dip



As it’s one of those rainy summer Saturdays, my plans have had to be slightly altered and instead of my trip down to the community garden I have been catching up on a few jobs at home. One of them was to do my weekly bread making; I was looking forward to having a few slices for my lunch with some lovely cheese I bought yesterday. I was getting hungry and the bread still had to bake and cool for half an hour so what to eat?

Last night I experimented a bit for my dinner. I grilled a herring and to accompany it I cooked leek and cabbage tossed in butter and seasoned with salt and pepper. I steamed some sliced potatoes with sliced carrots ;all the vegetables were from the garden. When they were cooked I tossed them in butter and olive oil, salt & pepper, a few capers and a dash of lime pickle sprinkled with chopped coriander leaves. I had some of this potato left over so I heated it up with a little olive oil in a skillet and added a few slices of apple until the potato had crispy edges and the apple was soft. I grilled a sausage, slicing it down the middle finishing it off by crisping it up with the potatoes.

Last Night I had reduced down some beefsteak tomatoes with garlic, salt & pepper so I put a few teaspoons of this on the bottom of the dish and placed the sausage and potato on top. I have to say this was tasty. I can’t show you a picture as I scoffed the lot sharpish as I was hungry but I can tell you it looked very pretty. The tomatoes were red and orange, the potato had golden edges speckled through with orange carrot and green coriander. I have been watching Celebrity Masterchef the last couple of weeks and I think it’s starting to affect me!!!