Santa’s Little Helper


I’m sorry to introduce the big C word at the beginning of December but marketing tactics demand that I think well ahead about these things. Marketing isn’t one of my favourite things and I find myself procrastinating rather than getting stuck in. Everywhere you look there are craft fairs and markets and I feel a bit like Cinderella. I have been half -heartedly planning an advert on Facebook but find the details a bit daunting (if not downright boring).

On a more enjoyable side I have been reflecting on some of the contacts I made when I was in Cyprus to do my promotion in April.These have turned out to be good outlets for the book and  interestingly they all are related to food but I suppose not surprisingly. One is a caterer and supplier of home made preserves etc. another is a baker and  a couple are cafes. The book seems to sell well in these environs. I find myself wishing I could be there in person to attend various craft markets and do my own selling, far more enjoyable than working out an online strategy. The most fun thing was playing around with  images to give them a personal appeal like Santa’s sleigh above. Also Santa’s little helper below.

Screen shot 2013-11-29 at 10.58.50