Androula’s Kitchen – Cyprus on a Plate buy the book here:- 

AK cover RGB

Art Calling           a really interesting blog about art and artists’ practice

Ancient Cypriot Art in Leeds full of interesting snippets about ancient Cypriot pottery

  casale-panayiotis-cp-external1Casale Panayiotis

Traditional mountain House spa retreat in Kalapanayiotis


Community Garden Kaimakli

Cyprus Travel Secrets for much useful information on Cyprus for the traveller

Cyprus Walking Friends walking tours in Cyprus

Cyprus Wines

Cyprus College of Art / Cornaro Institute

The Leventis Gallery

Hambis Tsangaris Printmaking Centre

Rosemary Moon food writer and activist moonbites

The Real Cyprus – Cyprus, don’t wait until the final days of your holiday to discover the REAL Cyprus, an island with the warmest of welcomes.

Let our personal stories & real experiences guide you so you know before you go.

Become your own successful Cyprus Tourist Guide & get the most from your holiday

Sundance Villas  for rental in Cyprus

Thyme and Honey  a sumptuous site of recipes

Whitchurch Silk Mill      Whitchurch Silk Mill

The Municipal Art Gallery

Phitiotika     all about the aims of two young artists/ craftspeople to reinvigorate the art of weaving Fythkiotika.

Red Cactus Post   Interesting articles about Cyprus,  its people and related topics. For Lovers of Cyprus, full of information on the island



4 thoughts on “Links

  1. Hello Sonia,

    I want to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog entries and of how much I am learning about Cyprus and Cyprus’s culture through your writing. I also have to thank-you because through your blog I have come to meet Androula, who I am currently staying with and learning too about Cyprus and traditional Greek Cypriot cooking. I came to know of Androula through your blog and book and because I was in Cyprus I e-mailed her to see if there could be a possibility of learning to cook traditional recipes/to help her. I am having an incredible experience and I can’t believe how lucky I am to be here in Treis Elies and to be learning and experiencing all that I am. Thank-you again and I look forward to read future blog entries.

    Take care and the best to you this Sunday!

    Becky Dumas

    • Hi Becky, How lovely to hear from you. I am really amazed that my humble little blog has enabled you to find your way to Treis Elies and initiate your introduction to Androula. I wish you every success.

      Best Wishes

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