Weaving & Textiles

I do love a good loom. I had a workshop many years ago housed in an old steam mill  which had been converted to artist’s studios. One of the other studios, was occupied by a weaver called Eva, yes really. It used to fascinate me watching her weave and she being very artistic, created some beautiful patterns using vibrant colour cottons she had dyed herself.

When I started writing “Androula’s Kitchen – Cyprus on a Plate” of course I wanted to visit weavers in Cyprus. One of the first places I visited was The Handicraft Centre  in Lefkosia where there is a raft of looms and weavers busy creating textiles using traditional techniques. Also in Lefkosia I found Yialoussa Loom and Odrador. Odrador is the studio name of Rolandos Loucaides who creates some wonderful pieces in wool cotton and especially silk. He is particularly interested in the techniques used by silk weavers in Cyprus. Once Cyprus produced some of the finest silks that could be found but sadly this is  a very limited  practise these days, the last active silk weavers were in the 1960’s, in Cyprus nowadays there are  few weavers who practise it.  Samples of the exquisite work produced in the past can be seen in the museums and these are what led Rolandos to study these ancient techniques and went as far as Brittany to learn them.

One of the most widespread techniques which originated in Fyti and bears its name,  is Fythkiotika. This involves weaving woollen patterns into the background to create bands of intricate design. There are a huge number of patterns used as each weaver would create their own. Here is the link to my post after my visit to Fyti

 Fyti Finally

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