Return Journey



It has been a ‘long and winding road’ as the song goes since my last post. I  made the decision to move to Cyprus to live and in January 2017 I sold my house and moved here. Things didn’t quite work out as planned as I hadn’t been here more than 6 weeks when I had a stroke.and lost the use of my left side. I won’t go into all the details but with a great deal of help and support from both family and a  circle of terrific friends I found myself in a rehabilitation centre in Lefkosia`(Nicosia) for three months where they helped me walk again and get use back in my arm. I have been living on my own in a ground floor flat in Polis for the last year totally independent. It’s a quiet spot with a country lane at the bottom of my road full of olive trees , a pleasant walk of an evening in the cooler parts of the day . Of course I am still a work in progress and continue to  work on improving my mobility by walking and exercising in the pool which I am lucky enough to have use of on our apartment complex.

I  am gradually regaining my sense of self by doing the creative things I used to do. I belong to a photography group which meets once a week  and we go to different locations to experiment with different light conditions and settings on our cameras. Last night it was sunset at the beach which was fun and a few weeks ago we practiced shaking the camera while taking the photo, this gives some unexpected results. Here are a few examples of recent experiments.


Earlier in the year I managed a long held ambition of creating a mosaic patio table. It was a great therapy, a sort of working meditation in coloured glass. As it was done on a glass top table the light shines through it creating a stained glass window effect. The finished result gives me a great deal of pleasure and brightens up the whole patio area. Today I decided to re- start writing to get back in the swing of things. Onwards and upwards.



20 thoughts on “Return Journey

  1. So sorry to read of your difficulties and am very pleased that you are making such great progress. I did wonder what had happened to your posts. I love your patio table! Keep well

  2. What an amazing story, Sonja. How one’s life can change in the blink of an eye and how all the things we took for granted have to be worked for, like walking and using an arm. How wonderful that you moved to Cyprus and that you have a good network of friends there.
    The mosaic table is stunning. So glad you are getting back to doing creative things, they are life savers, I’ve found. Continue to get better, love Sarah

      • I’m feeling well more or less, I have just spent a month in a German cancer clinic where they have managed to halt the aggressive growth of a tumor in my pelvis. I have been given up by the conventional medical system, but have been given maybe a few more good years by complementary therapies (low dose chemo, hypothermia, etc.) Fingers crossed, Thanks for asking, love Sarah

  3. Lovely to hear your musings Sonia, keep writing it keeps me connected. I look forward to resuming our Scrabble evenings once I return. Sadly I don’t think it will be for a while, maybe in the new year.

    • Hi Christine welcome on board my blogging train. It used to keep me very busy!!! I hope all goes well with you in the UK and look forward to seeing you when you get back. The swimming is coming on slowly. I’m more confident and have been watching a few videos on it which helps.

  4. Sonia, you are and always will be an inspiration. It is so lovely to read your story in the blog (even though I know it all). I know I started as your landlady in an upstairs apartment when you first came here but hope we will always be lifelong friends. I look forward to your next chapter.

  5. We met Sonia whilst on holiday at a lovely stratus house B.B. in Kalavasos couple years ago we had coffee & chat about your lovely book Cyprus on a plate , and stayed in touch via post on fb excitied for your new journey from Chichester to polis .And then the sad news you suddenly became ill ,but as you say the determination & wonderful support family & friends and your fighting spirit within you of course your back on the wonderful road to blogging hey that’s amazing 🌈 was also lovely to see you back in June we spent a lovely day together , I’m inspired by your strength Sonia and so look forward to reading about your next journey of things to come through your writing 💫 best wishes Wendy

  6. You are an inspiration to us all Sonia. I know it takes a lot of guts and determination to succeed where you have succeeded and I am full of admiration at the speed of your recovery .I love the table. Looking forward to keeping up wth you now thru the blog. Love Sue

  7. Sorry to hear this, however, well done you on such progress. Even a stroke can not hold back a creative person, love it. The table is amazing!! Would love to join a photography club too but dont think there is anything local (Alethriko). Onwards and upwards, healing vibes to you brave soul.

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