A Road Less Travelled

On my road trip in July I visited some of the places I  had long wanted to see but were a bit too far to visit in a day. One of these was the botanical park at Avgoroou near Larnaca Cyherbia owned  and created by Miranda Tringis and her husband. This park rose up out of an area surrounded by potato fields. On my way to find it I was very bemused and puzzled as to why such a spot would be chosen for such an enterprise, what recommended it to the owners?  It seemed to me to be in the middle of nowhere and on a road to nowhere, almost you could say out on the prairie. Miranda answered my questions when I visited her in July.  Her husband who was the instigator as the land was bought initially for investment reasons but Mr Tringis (?) didn’t want just to sit on the land and wait for it to appreciate in value he wanted to use it and his idea was to create a herb garden. Where this idea came from I also find intriguing particularly as neither of them had any experience in growing herbs or producing herbal products but such is Cyprus. I am constantly being surprised at people’s ingenuity and imagination.

Miranda  was not in favour of the idea at first as she pointed out they had no background or knowledge of growing herbs but her husband was determined to do it and was not deterred by her protestations and procrastination. So Miranda an artist by profession, decided that she might as well work with him than leave him to do it alone and set to to learn about organic gardening and growing herbs as well as learning as much as she could about the properties and processing  of herbal products. This of course took several years and the groundwork was laid for the  design and planting while Miranda studied. Funding was applied for in the early days of the EU but most of the structure and work was funded by themselves.

Cyherbia is in fact not as in the sticks as one from the other side of the island ( me) would suppose, because Protoras and Paralimni,both very popular tourist destinations, are close by and many coach loads of visitors come from these resorts as the botanical garden is widely advertised in the hotels there. Miranda and her husband have developed a very relaxing and interesting park with a maze laid out as part of the attractions, a winner with the children as well as a wonderful chill out area on the platform overlooking the park, where hammocks and swing chairs are at your disposal. A cafe of course is a prerequisite for any such place and this serves home made cake and teas of course. The shop is stocked with all manner of essential oils distilled from the herbs and soaps and lotions.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and found Miranda a gracious hostess. There are many interesting events taking place throughout the year including, hunt the eggs at Easter of course and a fairy festival as well as events around Christmas time check out their facebook page or website for further details  cyherbia.com. 


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