The River of Lefkosia

Yesterday I accompanied my brother to Lefkosia ( Nicosia) for a lightning trip to see to some official  business there. One of the ports of call was near access to the river called Pedieos  which runs through the city, or at least it used to; during the lifetime of the city’s occupation, some 4,500 years or so it has been diverted to the outskirts and some has even been covered over. There are places where it has been made into a park like area where footpaths have been created and you can walk, run, cycle along shady,pleasant paths dotted with very old eucalyptus and palm trees mingled with wild foliage and bushes. Eucalyptus are not native to Cyprus but during the British occupation they planted many all over the island to combat the mosquitos in the swampy lowland areas. Eucalyptus soak up the water and now could be considered to be a hindrance in times of low rain fall.

The last time I visited this area it was late April and it was warm and sunny,the winter had been drier so there was no water at all in the river-bed. This year there was a fast flowing body of water, sure it is no River Thames but it created a very pleasant, fresh space to gently amble along. To Quote Wikipedia :-

“The Pedieos (also  or Pediaeus or Pithkias; Greek: Πεδιαίος/Πηθκιάς, Turkish: Kanlı Dere) is the longest river in Cyprus. The river originates in the Troodos Mountains close to Machairas Monasteryand flows northeast across the Mesaoria plains, through the capital city Nicosia. It then steers east, meeting the sea at Famagusta Bay close to the ancient Greek city of Salamis.

The river has a total length of 98 km. An 18 km stretch of the river banks, in and around Nicosia, has been turned into pedestrian walkways.[1] There are two dams constructed along the river, the largest one at Tamassos built in 2002.[2]




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