Time to Get a-move-on


Yes it is that time of year and everyone is asking “Are you all prepared?” and what they mean is are you ready for Christmas. This year though Christmas is just an interruption to my getting prepared for my long stay in Cyprus starting in February, so it’s sort of incidental. I have however, in between making lists and trying to work out if I have forgotten to do something vital, been busy cooking and top of my list were the kourabiedes which I made for the first time last year.=kourabiedes. I have made a few goodie boxes up for presents so they have of course included these light little almondy biscuits. Macaroons, Black Forest chocolate fudge, black pepper oatcakes and gingerbread biscuits made up the rest. I recently popped in to a wonderful little cafe/bakery Whipped and Baked where I’m presently  buying my sourdough bread and saw they too had some very snowy covered celebratory biscuits for sale. Now the owner the lovely Flour von Sponge, is from Malaysia and apparently even there they have a version of this internationally known biscuit, instead of almonds they use pistachios.

As Christmas is the time for anyone who has anything to sell to get on that marketing bandwagon I tried to do a bit myself for AK and splashed out on a bit of advertising but I have to say the results have been negligible. I have been self-employed running a one woman business for most of my working life and in all that time I have never found paid advertising to be of any benefit at all, so why I thought this would be any different I don’t know, but it was worth a try. I always found that personal recommendation and word -of- mouth from satisfied customers is by far the best way to attract custom. The best advertising is the sort that comes free I once got a very prestigious commission through a free  directory! If you can get articles written about you or interviews for TV and radio even better, I’m always on the look out for a free bit of publicity.

Soon enough I will be in Cyprus where I will be on the look- out for more outlets to sell the book and generally spreading the word. In the process I hope to come across some interesting people and things to blog about. Getting excited!


2 thoughts on “Time to Get a-move-on

  1. I’ve had exactly the same experience using paid advertising, ie no results. To really work you have to invest thousands repeatedly. What self employed person has the resources to do this? And I agree that the other ways you mentioned are not only more effective but more satisfying.

    Chocolate Rain has just gone into a second printing! It took 4 years for the word to start to get around, but it is taking off now, having been picked up by a library list in the UK. Like your book, mine is not on offer at brick and mortar shops, so it is really surprising to me.
    So keep promoting your book in ways that feel good to you, sometimes you just need a lot of patience.
    Have a good holiday season and a wonderful trip! Sarah

  2. Thanks so much for your response Sarah it’s really good to hear of other’s experience and many congratulations on your success in getting a second print. Quite an achievement I think. I thought it was worth a try advertising but just confirmed my original beliefs. I might be getting a bit of free exposure in a local glossy free magazine which would be good. Thank you for your season’s greetings and I wish you joy and happiness for not only Christmas but 2015. I have been enjoying reading your walk journal by the way and look forward to your next steps when the weather starts to improve. Sonia.

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