Fun Days Ahead

PicMonkey Collage12.novIt’s a grey and very wet day here in the UK and although it is still mild it feels cold when you look out of the window. I don’t think I have mentioned it in my blog before but I have been busily making plans for a long stay in Cyprus next year from February to July so part of me is already there you could say. Each recent visit has left me feeling I needed to spend more time there than I had allowed myself on these trips. This last trip I came away with an urgent feeling that there was something more I needed to do or explore. So I have given myself six months to hopefully quench this desire.

Since the very beginning when I first had  the idea for the book, I have been digging below the surface of Cyprus somehow I wanted to peel away the layers and get down to the essence. In my heart I am happiest in art and in nature so these are the things in which I will be indulging more fully and hopefully they will overlap here and there. I have met some lovely people through writing the book and I hope to meet even more on this long stay.The internet has helped me connect with so many people who have a similar love of Cyprus, I have already a list of people I want to meet and chat with, I want to call it an interview but really it will be a chat, which will give me lots to blog about.

For the first three months I will be house sitting for a friend in Arodhes a peaceful village up on the hills at the edge of the Akamas. I’m looking forward to lots of walks discovering the local flora and fauna. It is right next door to Droushia where my good friend Elena lives so quite a bonus. Of course I will be visiting Androula in Treis Elies as well as relatives in Nicosia where I hope to walk those mean streets around the Green line where there is so much restoration going on. It is the cutting edge of Nicosia life these days. I want to get to know Larnaca and Limassol areas a bit better as I haven’t travelled those areas very much. So you can see I will be very busy.

While  I have been  writing this the sun has come out and now so will I.



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