A Little Trip Out

I have been wanting to visit Bath again for a while now. Bath is a beautiful  Georgian city with many attractions but the main one  for me is The American Museum http://americanmuseum.org/  on the outskirts right next to the University.  I have visited the museum a couple of times before and I can’t remember how I first heard of it. It is the only museum of its kind outside America and houses a good deal of painted furniture dating  from  the time of the early American settlers, which of course is one of my main interest in the place. It is a charming museum with room sets of the period composed of original panelling and furniture. My memories were also  of a fabulous collection of patchwork bedspreads as well as beautiful grounds. When I checked online to see if there were any events taking place I was thrilled to see there was an exhibition of Kaffe Fassett’s work. It is not the nearest place for me to visit for a day trip (2½hrs on the train) or the cheapest but I was in need of a shot of creative and colourful adrenalin and Kaffe Fassett can be relied on to deliver both. The reason The American Museum was hosting this exhibition, apart from the fact that Kaffe is American by birth, is that it was 50 years ago this year that he arrived in the UK and to be more specific in Bath. The museum’s collection of colourful quilts  was one of the main influences in Mr Fassett’s change of direction in his art from working purely in pen and ink to  working in riotous colour, later moving more towards the crafts of needlepoint and knitting.   The exhibition certainly delivered on the colour front,  all the walls painted a deep pink were the backdrop to  knitting, quilts and needlepoint all displaying a wild  exuberance . Even the lamp-posts outside had been ‘crochet bombed’. The shuttle bus driver who took visitors from central Bath to the Museum, was a chattering vestibule of information which he generously imparted in a stream to us while we waited to depart. During those few minutes we learned of the museum’s history, the story behind the exhibition and where he goes when the season is over which it turned out was Vietnam. So then we learned a little of the history of that country.


The visit will keep me topped up with inspiration for a while. Meanwhile I’m getting excited by the thought of my little adventure in Cyprus  which I’m taking next February and instead of a rushed three weeks I’m staying a whole 6 months ( well minus a few weeks) . I plan to get to know a few more crafts people and interview them for the blog, take a few videos, as well as visit anything that grabs my  interest to blog about. Of course my camera will be on hand to take as many photos as I can.If anyone has any suggestions of unusual places to visit I would be pleased to hear from you. I have installed a donate button on the site in case anyone fancies contributing to my trip, anyone donating £5.00 or over, gets a PDF copy of Androula’s Kitchen – Cyprus on a Plate which is great viewed on an iPad. Thank you.

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