The Wines of Cyprus- Zambartas

I know nothing about wine except i know what I like when I drink it! When I go to Cyprus there are many local wines to choose from and these days there are some excellent boutique wineries that are forging a real reputation for great wines recognised throughout the world and winning medals with them. The winemakers have  gone abroad to Continental Europe, Australia or California to learn about making the Cabernet Sauvignons and Shiraz varieties bringing back this expert knowledge to blend it with the local varieties of Xynestri and Maratheftiko .  

Winemaking in Cyprus dates back 6000 years so there is a lot of heritage there to build on. The vines are grown on the slopes of Troodos starting at 400 meters upward to 1200 metres and as you travel through Cyprus they are a familiar site dotted along the landscape. In fact on my last trip there seemed to be many smaller newer vines planted. The wine lovers of this world have plenty of choice if they want to visit a winery to taste the goods as there are wine trails taking you to several in different areas. Just take a driver with you!

Here is a very interesting blog all about Cypriot wines, Whine on the Rocks and below is a video of an interview with Zambartas himself talking about his wines and his vineyard. Did you know that Zambartas is an Italian name? Another piece of Venetian heritage.



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