The Leventis Gallery Re- visited

Now I am happily re-united with my trusty lap- top I can expand a bit on my visit to The superb  Leventis Gallery in Lefkosia. Fielden Clegg and Bradley Studios certainly has done Lefkosia proud. The very contemporary glass and stone design fits well in this part of town nestling as it does  amongst both old and modern buildings. Inside is very sleek and cool, in both senses of the word, with comfortable size galleries, although the Greek section did feel a bit too crowded possibly. The views afforded by the various windows onto the outside world offer pictorial delights in themselves as they frame some interesting scenes.

As I said previously in my earlier post it was a treat to be able to see a good selection of Cypriot painters in one area particularly the commanding mural by Adamantios Diamantis of a village scene all in greys, blacks  and whites. In close up this is disappointingly sketchy but from a distance is certainly impressive, more in the style of a theatre backdrop. There are some charming pencil studies of local villagers also by him. In a separate gallery there are some early watercolours of landscape and town that were interesting to see as well as work by some more contemporary  Cypriot painters.


The first floor houses the collection of paintings by Greek  artists. There are a few wonderful paintings here and all the artists were unknown to me up to this point so I was happily enlightened. This painting of a girl looking out of the window I found particularly enchanting, called “Waiting”  by Apostolos Geralis the light is wonderfully depicted. In Greek the title is Anamonoi , my cousin Michael explained that this word is imbued with a much more poetic meaning than simply waiting, it is more an anticipation or expectancy.  Also this fabulous depiction of a griselled old man in his Greek costume of fustanella by Ioannis Economou I really enjoyed.

The final floor houses the Leventis collection of French impressionists amongst them several of my favourite artist Dufy. Many of the usual suspects here including Pissaro, and Chagal  as well as the re-constructed  interior of Mr Leventis’ salon in his Paris apartment and some of the furniture is also on display. Well worth further visits to become better acquainted  with the Greek artists particularly.

For further information on the Leventis Gallery and its conception please read an earlier post here:- or visit the Leventis site here:-

All images courtesy of The Leventis Gallery.


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