The Ladies that Lunch

Today I’m trying an internet cafe in sunny, hot Polis to do a short post sadly without any of the new photos I have to show you…they will have to wait until I get back to the UK.

Last week  was busy catching up with relatives in Nicosia and there were couple of places I wanted to visit including the lovely Inga’s veggie Heaven, where I met two cousins to sit and chat and enjoy the beautifully tasty food, I had a wonderful cold rice pudding for afters. Later this week I have a couple of different kind of lunches but hopefully equally as tasty in their own ways. On Friday the wonderful Elena Savvides is hosting an author’s lunch for me and the guests will sample some of her fabulous cooking, hopefully I’ll also be able to sell some more books. On Saturday I’m winding my way to Pegyia over the  hills from Polis with fantastic dramatic scenery of the kind that I love about this Westerly side of the island . The road drops at a giddying rate to Peyia close to the coast where Sue of Hearn’s bookshop is also holding a lunch and she has invited me to attend and do a bit of signing of the book variety if requested, let’s hope there will be several opportunities.

Sunday will see a slightly different pace but again food is still involved, it is Cyprus after all! This time it will be at a farmer’s market held the first Sunday of every month when local suppliers and growers sell their wares at the very beautiful Pano Akourdalia herb garden.This one will also be a crafters market. Elena will be attending with a stall groaning under the weight of some delicious cooked morsels as well as  jams and chutneys that she makes. There may be more sales opportunities who knows but I surely will be busy looking and tasting  what is on offer.Landscape near Kritou Terra


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