Techno Challenge



I’m off to sunny Cyprus on Sunday and in preparation I have been trying to get co-ordinated technology wise. I usually take my trusty mac with me so I can load and edit photos and write my blog etc. This in itself ‘though can be a bit of a challenge if travelling on Easy Jet, as now only one piece of hand luggage is allowed either handbag or lap top case what is a girl to do? I solved this knotty problem last year by buying a soft canvas back pack which my mac just slotted into nicely with pockets and room to spare. The only problem is Easy Jet’s landing bay is on the very edge of the airport, it feels like you are actually walking half way to Cyprus before you arrive at the gate. The bag gets heavier with each step particularly on the return journey when it’s late and you are tired after a long day travelling.

This year I don’t have such a problem as I’m using BA for a change and 2 pieces of hand luggage are  allowed as well as a shorter walk to the gate ( I hope). My dilemma this year is do I take the lap top or not? My generous brother-in-law has lent me a superfluous ; to him; iPad for holiday use, I can catch up with emails and blog and it weighs very little, neat in fact. Last year while waiting in the departure lounge every one seemed to be using an iPad or similar even the children. What happened to books? “So where’s the dilemma?” you ask.Call me ungrateful but it isn’t so easy to type on an iPad  and I can’t load and view my photos without getting an extra gismo. Having my lap-top is like carrying my filing cabinet with me and I can do so much more.

I recently bought a new phone and decided on an android smart phone, a little Samsung which I am just getting to grips with. This also allows me to use wi fi and get emails etc on a much smaller screen but again very neat. All this is wonderful of course gosh I’m connected on all fronts. But am I?  Everything depends on you getting a wi fi connection and where I’m staying doesn’t have broadband so last time I went to an internet cafe. Because I have a smart phone and use O2 BT let you sign up for a free app that shows you the nearest hot spots for wifi which is an advantage. So I spent another couple of hours working out how and where to get this for the phone and then had to go on iTunes to get the app for the iPad. Of course I now realise I only needed the one app to find out as where I go my phone goes. Hey Ho.

I spent several hours over the past few days working out what I need to load on the iPad  and signing up and signing in and downloading. It all takes up too much time I have a good mind to just switch off and zone out.

I do have a nice thick book to take with me as well as my sketch pad and paints. I plan to chill and just sit, let my mind go blank for a bit , so if you don’t hear from me for a few weeks you’ll know I’m in another zone, literally!!!


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