Friendship Through Art


I had the great pleasure last week of meeting Sarah Zoutewella of Art Calling  for the first time.  She lives in Holland but was having a short break in the UK. We have got to know each other via our respective blogs, Sarah is an artist and among her many talents , paints soundboards on harpsichords, which is how I found her through the WordPress blog search. We met at Brighton station as she was staying in the Lewes area and had never visited Brighton before, she was very surprised at how large and sprawling a town it is. We meandered down the hill to the Museum, a favourite haunt of mine made all the more appealing because of the great little gallery cafe overlooking the furniture section below. We chatted amiably for an hour or so and got a bit more acquainted, it is a delight to meet someone with whom you know you have certain mutual interests. What an amazing tool the internet can be, to be able to chat to someone possibly on the other side of the world about stuff you like, and then meet them face to face.

Sarah was one of the very first people to buy my book when I first published and very generously wrote a great review which she posted on her blog, I was so touched by this thoughtfulness and when I met her I saw that this quiet contemplative energy shines out.



Before we headed down to the seafront where Sarah wanted to enjoy the smell of the salty brine, we wandered into another cafe area in the Dome where she wanted to show me something. I was intrigued when the ‘something’ turned out to be some fabulous little crafted gifts. Sarah is an enthusiastic crafter, crocheting and making objects with her artistic skill. She carries these little hand-made gems with her on he travels to generously give to those she encounters who show helpfulness or kindness on her journey. I thought this was a wonderful idea and intend to adopt it as I think this small gesture can show the recipient how much you appreciate that kindness, it certainly made my day as I was the lucky recipient of three such gems which I will treasure. The little folding book I particularly like and I’m planning to dust off my batik wax pot  in the near future to make some abstract swirlings to cover some of my own little booklets. So it has served three purposes, a lovely reminder of our meeting, an inspiration for a  future  project as well as a spark of joy at receiving them. Thank you Sarah.



4 thoughts on “Friendship Through Art

  1. Sonia, it was a pleasure to meet, and I appreciated your travelling over to the area where I was staying.
    Thank you for mentioning this in your blog, it was special for me too, to meet a ‘virtual’ friend. I enjoyed our time together and talking about the eccentric field we have in common (harpsichord decoration). And you’ve been such an inspiration to me with your book, it has been a pleasure to help support that in any way possible.

    Glad you enjoyed the gifts, and they may inspire you to make some of your own. The batiked covers sound beautiful. I hope the idea of guerilla ‘gifting’ spreads, it is such a nice way to connect with kind people along the way when travelling or even in one’s own home town.
    cheers, Sarah

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