A More Crafty Year

At the end of last year I made a decision to get making this year, be it crochet, drawing batik or any other crafty activity, there are so many I want to get my hands on. I’ve started with a bit of crochet and I’m just about getting in my stride although I have to say my method is a bit erratic and the results are a little uneven.  I am endeavouring to get to grips with counting more and trying to be a bit more consistent……. not always my strong point. I haven’t really got a plan as yet and am trying out different things, it must be a good 30 years since I did any crochet and I’ve never done squares as you can see they aren’t exactly square shaped…yet but I am getting there.The good news is it’s speedy and you can see results in next to no time as well as being somewhat addictive!!! This is just one week’s worth in the evenings. No two are alike at the moment, gradually though I’m discovering which style I prefer. I’m rather fond of the lozenge shape, the idea with these was to break up the patterns.

I found this image online which appealed to me as it is also a bit  uneven and quirky, I don’t think there are any two squares that are the same. Doesn’t it look fun though and cosy? I haven’t a clue how some of these patterns are created, experiment is the key.



I have another creative project on the go as I have a commission to paint a decorative frieze on a harpsichord imitating inlay. This has been in the pipeline for over a year and the instrument finally arrived from the maker on Friday. I’ve already done a sample board which has been approved so I’m making a start today. It’s going to be a busy January.


I’d like to wish you all a Happy New and creative 2014.


2 thoughts on “A More Crafty Year

  1. Your harpsichord decoration looks great.
    I like the lozenge shape and your colors. And I agree, the quirky crocheted quilt has charm. I can only crochet for a few minutes a day, it seems, or I start to get wrist and arm problems. So I do small projects.
    from a fellow harpsichord decorator (and crocheter)

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