So This Is Christmas

Today being Christmas I finally have a bit of time to write this week’s blog. Christmas day to me is a day like no other in the year when life pauses and we all get time to take a breather and indulge in pleasurable pursuits at a leisurely pace. This means  for some food and alcohol maybe even hours of television. Then there’s the board games with all the family. But for me it means  pursuits I would otherwise not have time for and today for the first time in many, many years I’m going to start some crocheting!

I know it’s not New Year yet and I’m a bit premature with my  resolution list but I have decided 2014 is going to be a year of more varied artistic and creative endeavour. My friend of Paisley Pedlar fame has inspired me to get off the computer and flex my fingers on something other than the  keyboard. I want to start drawing again or should that be doodling and I want to get crocheting. I have a Pinterest board where I collect photos of lovely imaginative designs using crochet, such a simple technique that can produce  a varied and beautiful array of creations. My mum used to crochet a lot and in Cyprus this was a ubiquitous past time for all the women as they sat making very intricate patterns with a tiny needle and very fine thread that were eventually turned into cloths for the table or bed. My thread of choice is wool and of a slightly thicker variety as life is too short and my eyesight too challenged to cope with the Cypriot kind. The idea has been lingering at the back of my mind for many a month but I finally gave myself the nudge when I went into Lidl yesterday and saw bags of New Zealand wool on sale……yes Lidl! They were actually small kits to knit a hoody but the thing that caught my eye was the colours of the wool. So today I will dust off my hooks and get them stuck in to some of the wool. The finished article hopefully will be a blanket.

It is hard to get away from Cyprus even on Christmas day in the depths of a Sussex winter. I opened a present this morning from a friend and  I found a book on making bread by Paul Holywood of British Bake Off fame, as I was flicking through I came across several recipes for Cypriot breads! Mr Holywood worked in hotels in Cyprus for a few years earlier  in his career, I will certainly enjoy trying out some of the recipes. Then I turned on the radio and was listening to Richard Wilson talking about how he first met Ian McKellen in Cyprus!



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