I have had a perplexing few days. Not unusual I know but I’ve had one of those realisations that when you’ve had them you think”why didn’t I know that?”

When I first published my book I went straight on Amazon and set up a seller account for it. Naively I thought it would be spread far and wide, I had selected to sell internationally on the set up after all, I even had the odd order from the States. To my bafflement my cousin told me the other day that someone had tried to buy my book on Amazon and it had come up as “out of Print” ? I went on the site and it was working fine, then the penny dropped that I was using when the main site is .com working from the US and that outside Europe this would be the site that came up if you were in Australia or America and if you are in Canada they have their own site as well Yes Androula’s Kitchen is listed on them all exactly as it appears on the UK site but it is not available to purchase.

I of course contacted the Amazon Seller support to ask why it wasn’t showing availability and the answer came that they are all independent of each other and therefore if you want to sell on or any of the others you have to set up different seller accounts.  Now my puzzlement is that if they are connected enough to have my listing show up exactly as it does on the UK site and I am able to ship everywhere why the blazes doesn’t it just direct them to the UK site? They are all Amazon the fees all get paid to Amazon.

So I am frustrated of Tangmere at the moment. I did think of setting up seller accounts with the Canadian and US sites but I think they don’t allow the merchant to sell direct so that would mean I’d have to ship a large quantity of books to Amazon US or CA so that Amazon fulfills the orders, which all costs more money on top of the shipment from the UK. The joys of marketing hey ho.

Just a footnote the book is available directly from me via links on this site at a very special price to everyone. Just check out this page with all the information About the Book

2 thoughts on “Amazon

  1. I know, I had the same problem with my book, and it isn’t even self published. My publisher simply didn’t choose to pay the fees for US distribution, so it really is only available in the UK, or it can be sent to other countries but only if ordered direct through the publisher.
    The out of print notice sounds worrying. I hope that can get remedied.

    Have you tried Book Depository? They are , in my experience, a nice company to deal with. It is l UK based but ships almost everywhere free.

    • Hi Sarah, the same problem with Book Depository, it is listed but not available. Because I’m a small publisher(very) they are not able to deal with me. I did contact them about the listing and the wording but they just didn’t get my point. They said it was what they put on books they didn;t have and that people could order it if they wished. They could instead say out of stock rather than unavailable.But the wording gives the impression it’s unavailable everywhere.

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