Changing of The Seasons

I don’t know whether it’s the changing of the seasons but I’m starting to get that feeling of going into my shell again ready for the Autumn. The weather is changing and getting chillier so more layers of clothing are going on, socks have come out and shoes instead of sandals and bare feet around the house, cardigans have been dragged from the wardrobe. The duvet is back on the bed. I don’t want to think about it but the heating will have to go on soon.

It’s been a wonderful summer here in the UK and just what we all needed after years of poor summers. We could visit our beaches and play in the sea ( if you chose) we could get out and about and enjoy our glorious countryside with all her finery on display and ours. I actually wore proper summer clothes normally reserved for my visits to Cyprus and usually feel chilly if I wear them in the UK, not this year. We’ve had endless days of sunshine where we could garden and visit places without taking an umbrella just in case if the clouds were around.

I have spent a lot of time in my own garden as well as  the community garden. I’ve managed to get a lot of tidying and changing things around in my own garden that I realised I just couldn’t do for the past couple of years as when I had the time the weather didn’t. I will be sorry to see the days get short again and the daylight scarce, I will just have to find sunny things to do and one of them is to join a choir I’ve decided. Locally we have several singing groups and choirs but there is one in particular that I have heard a lot about called Acappella. It is in the same place where I go to do a yoga class and is also on the same day strangely but in the evening. I have been meaning to go for some time and indeed a couple of my yoga class colleagues also attend so now I have put it in writing it may spur me on.


2 thoughts on “Changing of The Seasons

  1. We’ve had the same heavenly summer here in NL, our climate is similar to Britain and we rarely have days on end of sun and warmth. Like you, I never quite got the chance before to actually wear summer clothes here for more than a day at a time.
    I used to dread the closing up days of winter- closed doors and windows, bodies closed under layers of clothes, but after a real summer I’m ok with it. I’ve stocked up on sun and hope it will last me the winter through.
    The choir sounds like a wonderful thing to do. I hope you do.:-(0) Sarah

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