Family reunion in Glorious July


Apparently we have had grass fires break out and the tarmac has been melting on the roads in some parts of the UK in the rising temperatures this week. I find that puzzling about the melting roads as far as I know the temperature hasn’t risen above 32〫C in the warmest parts, unusual certainly for the UK but not nearly as hot as in say Jordan or Egypt or indeed Cyprus where temperatures can reach well in excess of 40〫C in the summer every year and if their roads melted every year where would they be? With some very sticky motorists no doubt. Maybe they use a different kind of mixture for their tarmac?Answers on a postcard please.

Melting roads and grass fires aside I had a very pleasant drive last weekend to deepest East Sussex from West Sussex to take part in my Uncle’s 80th birthday celebrations. My Uncle George is the youngest brother of eight children, my dad was the eldest, he would have been 102 had he still been alive, his greatest disappointment when he died was that he didn’t make 100. Dad came over to the UK in the early 1930’s, he stopped off on his way to America to stay with an Uncle who lived on Long Island. I don’t know exactly why he never made it across the pond but he stayed in London with another Uncle. My Uncle George decided to come to the UK in 1960 and stayed with us for the first few months until  he met his future wife. In the 1970’s my Uncle Nicholas  a cobbler by trade, was the last brother to migrate  with his wife and four children.

When my sister, brother and I were growing up the only contact we had with any relatives from the Cypriot side of the family was the visits by my dad’s cousin with his German wife and two sons. So it was quite a novelty when we had all these new relatives appear and fun getting to know our new cousins.

Time passes and life happens and we moved away from each other both geographically and socially. Even with modern technology it has been a long time between visits with my Uncle George and his children and more than 20 years since I had seen my Uncle Nicholas and his family so it was a real delight to have this family gathering and meet up with them all again. Also shocking to realise how time passes and what happens in the interim as I met my cousins’ children and some of their children! This time I collected email addresses so I have contact information.

It was a really delightful day and the weather added to the enjoyment as we could spread out in the very large garden, belonging to my Aunt Mary’s niece and her husband. Hog roast was on the menu with salmon and salad if you preferred, Uncle George also made some moussaka, followed by strawberries and cream and champagne and cake, no Greek dancing sadly; my Uncle in his youth belonged to a dancing troupe and travelled all over Cyprus. The celebration was a joint one as not only was it my Uncle’s 80th birthday but also the sister of my Aunt Mary and her husband Chris, were celebrating 50 years of marriage. So you can imagine what a happy occasion was enjoyed by all.


One thought on “Family reunion in Glorious July

  1. Wow, you got a huge family.. bigger than mine I think haha. It’s really nice to see your family and your relatives again after some time. Catching up with each other, reminiscing and whatnot, and the best part is, you’re getting older. :>

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