Pootling Along on a Summer Breeze

The headline sounds a bit toad of Toad Hall ( Wind in the Willows ) but that sort of sums up my past few days. We have been lucky enough down in the south of England to have had good weather the past week or so, yes good weather you heard me right. The sun has shone and that has meant that outside beckons. It has been a mixture of chores and pleasure that have captured my attention, mostly chores sadly but when the sun is shining everything is more enjoyable. I have been doing a bit of house maintenance and a bit of gardening both at home and at our community garden. It’s always a busy time this part of the year and especially so this year as we have been trying to catch up after the awful Spring weather. I’m in charge of the onion family, so that’s: leeks, garlic, onions, shallots chives as well as chard, spinach and various other odds and sods, pardon the pun.

This is only my second growing season so I’m still learning. I’m determined to do all I can to get a good crop of leeks this year which means I’ve sown a lot of seed which will means they will all need transplanting when they’re big enough. My own garden is quite mature now which presents another set of challenges as everything needs taking hold of to keep it under control. I’ve also had quite a bit of die back on some shrubs so that has had to be tackled.

This week though I had a break and was lucky enough to spend a delightful day with my friend Gill http://paisleypedlar.wordpress.com at the Guildford Flower Festival see photos to check out the superb flower arrangements. These inspired me with some ideas for a batik or two. I haven’t done any art work for such a time I am quite missing it and am determined to make a space to do some very soon. Meanwhile I have enjoyed taking the photos.

All these activities inevitably have meant I’ve spent a lot less time at the computer and thinking about marketing, hooray! However I have been blogging on the Cyprus News Report site which seem to be getting a few reads hopefully this will lead to sales eventually. Also today, Sunday, the  long awaited result of my Cyprus Mail interview is out today in Cyprus, I can’t wait to see it.

The break should see me back in the groove and refreshed!


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