Stuck and Stalemate

English: Simple op-amp circuit with positive f...

English: Simple op-amp circuit with positive feedback (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is now past the middle of May and it’s nearly six months since my book was published I can’t quite believe it. As it came out only a few weeks before Christmas it was all a bit of a scramble to get my press releases out and I don’t think I had much success in getting them published although one or two did appear in print. Sadly my local paper doesn’t seem to be interested even though I have tried a couple of times,  which I am disappointed about, I’m not sure what the criteria is to get a bit of coverage.

Much of the start of the year was spent in deciding and then planning my trip to Cyprus at the beginning of April to promote the book there. I did have a very busy and what felt like a productive time while I was there. I met a good many people and made some good contacts, some of it is a bit of a blur as I didn’t want to waste my time and tried to do as much as I could. I was very fortunate in meeting Elena Savvides in particular, who was a great promoter on my behalf.

rusty tractor

Obviously as the book is about Cyprus it is a good deal easier to market it in Cyprus and people can understand what the book is about. This sounds probably a strange thing to say as the title and cover explain what the book is about. What I mean to say is that I don’t have to sell it there as it speaks for itself. I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback I received from people and they really seemed to enjoy reading it; almost as if my affection and enthusiasm for my subject had somehow enabled them to recognise their own for the island and its culture. It also appeals visually to many people and again I have been bowled over by the compliments for which I am very grateful. So backed up by all this positive feedback and the heartwarming reception I’ve had in Cyprus I should feel more confident in getting my marketing off the ground in the UK?

In the UK however I have yet to find the right places to market it. Cyprus is a very small island, it’s  popular as a  destination for a bit of a sunshine holiday but how do I  access these holidaymakers? Also there is a large Cypriot community in the UK many British born Cypriots are dotted about and these too I am aware I need to connect with. I have a few ideas but I feel very stuck at the moment as how best to proceed and not a little daunted by the task. I have been thinking laterally as well as I am aware that I could do with making an alliance with someone to aid me in my task, someone possibly with a bit more experience in the field of promotion and possibly connected with Cyprus in someway. These days with social networking and the internet everything is possible but these also need to be used with skill and I’m on a steep learning curve as ever. I’m not seeking massive fame or fortune here you understand, I just want to repay the backing and faith my sister had in me by selling all those copies I had printed. She has a different philosophy, as she thinks the resulting book and its reception is reward enough; god bless her.


6 thoughts on “Stuck and Stalemate

  1. hi Sonia,
    This is familiar to me, it is a kind of wall one hits in any marketing effort. It just takes so much faith in oneself and one’s creation, and constant risking in putting yourself out there. When this is met by lack of response or indifference, it is disappointing and sometimes can even be simply shattering.
    Don’t underestimate all you’ve achieved in the last little while! Getting the book out there is already a huge accomplishment. And your tour, etc.
    Take a break. Have faith. Finding someone to help with the marketing end sounds good if possible.
    And when you feel like it and the inspiration is there, try again.
    Good luck. Sarah

  2. I live in California and there are a lot of Greek Festivals here where you can sell your book. In Oakland California there just was one where there was a food booth serving grilled Halloumi.
    I think you should look into Greek Festivals in the US and Canada.

    • Hi Lenia, That is a great idea. I live in the UK and we have a big Cyprus Wine Festival coming up in London which I’m looking into.I’ll have a think to see if I can connect to the US and Canada festivals somehow. Thanks for the comment. Sonia.

  3. I’ve seen some reviews about your book and I haven’t seen a negative.. I haven’t been to Cyprus for quite a long time and seeing your book’s preview made me reminisce my first trip to that beautiful country. I’m sharing it with few of my tweeps as a support. Best of luck! 🙂

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