The Nest Artisan Bakery Larnaka

On my last day in Cyprus I visited The Nest artisan bakery run by   Kyriakos and Maia. Maia turned up at the Strawberry Fair I attended at the Cornaro Institute on my first day in Cyprus and also for the talk I did on my last day. After the talk I went back to the bakery with her and was delighted by the whole ambience of the place.

It has only been open since January and you might not find it easily as it is an ordinary house from the outside. Just a few turnings down from St Lazarus Church in the centre.  Kyriakos is the master baker and Maia organising and sourcing all sorts of interesting arts and crafts by local producers and craftsmen for the shop and cafe. Kyriakos is a creator of his own style of baking as well as the traditional favourites. At this special Easter time he has been working flat out along with Maia to get all the goodies cooked and out there. They are all delicious. I was very lucky as it was the end of the day I was the happy recipient of the leftover goodies, flaouna, kourlourka, tahinopitta and halloumi bread. They sell at the local market on Fridays so if you are in the vicinity of St Lazarus Church why not try some or pop along to 12 Apolloneio Kiteos and enjoy a coffee or tea and relax with something tasty. Look out for the distinctive sign.



7 thoughts on “The Nest Artisan Bakery Larnaka

      • Hi Gabriella, obviously easier to go when you are there for sure! lol
        It is well worth a look and taste and they are very friendly.
        When are you due to go?

      • I think I’ll be next there in August, so I’m looking forward to/dreading the heat..! Will definitely make sure to check it out, last time I was there I noticed a lot of new places popping up in Larnaka – it’s about time!

      • I don’t envy you the heat in August, I can’t take it these days. It was just right for me just before I left, mid 20’s to 30. I found Larnaka a really interesting mix. The sea front is lovely as long as you walk! It’s not too big like Limassol and has a lot of craftsmen dotted about. Have a great time.

  1. Hi everyone, firstly, thanks so much Sonia for all your kind words! It was so great to meet you and I just love your book 😉 .. Gabriella, we have just made the tough decision to close during August – from the 7th for 3 weeks. The crisis has hit everyone hard, and as a family business it seems the only time when we can really shut down – like the rest of Cyprus! DO stop by if you come before the 7th. Facebook us to stay intouch (thenestcyprus). Have a wonderful sunday evening all – I can’t believe I just found this blog!! Maia

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