Kalin Orexi

On Thursday Androula and I went from Treis Elies down the mountains of Troodos and up the mountains of Drousia to visit Elena Savvides at Orexi. Elena runs a catering company from her home in Drousia and one of her specialities is Lebanese food as her husband is  Lebanese. She had invited us as her guests to a lunch that she had organised by request to help her contacts network. She was most hospitable and supplied us with a beautifully cooked lunch with home-made pate, followed by a traditional dish of feta with tomatoes cooked with herbs in the oven and another Cypriot dish that is like a risotto cooked with spinach followed by a shrimp dish. All was delicious. Elena was most generous in promoting my book and is a great fan it seems and has recommended it to everybody so we made quite a few sales to the guests who received signed copies.

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Elena spends most of her time cooking, if she’s not preparing mouth-watering food for guests she is making preserves of all kinds from jams to pickles and relishes. She has a larder stocked with all manner of produce.

We had to rush off as we had to get back to Treis Elies to meet Androula’s customers at To Spitiko tou Archonta on the way stopping at a village in Troodos to buy some Anari and halloumi from a small producer. But many new contacts were made and ideas exchanged. We will be back on other occasions I am sure. Elena runs foraging days in season where she supplies breakfast ,then a lesson in how to forage and cook the produce together with a delicious lunch, as well as a supper club. Contact her at Orexi for details

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