Signing or Talking?

Before I made my visit to Cyprus I arranged with the lovely Inga of Inga’s Veggie Heaven fame, to do a small book signing event at her cafe. Inga very kindly notified people and posted on Facebook as I did . I wasn’t sure how it would turn out as it’s an unusual event for Cyprus and this part of Lefkosia where the cafe is situated, doesn’t have a very heavy footfall of passers-by or tourists, the clientelle knows of the cafe and makes a special journey to frequent it.

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But I liked the place as it’s situated on the corner of a small craft centre with workshops scattered around a courtyard, also the food is delicious. It is open mainly for lunch and I arrived at 1pm so that I could enjoy a relaxed meal before the ‘crowds’ arrived!

I started with a refreshing glass of chilled home-made lemonade and a chunk of home-made bread served with houmous. For my main meal I ate a fragrant plate of vegetarian lasagna and delicious fresh salad. The whole cafe has a gorgeous aroma of bread, herbs and general deliciousness that I wish I could bottle and take home with me.

Needless to say we were not rushed off our feet with the onslaught but I will say that quality is better than quantity. I spent a delightful few hours chatting to Inga and her Italian second in command Itale, a friend of Inga’s turned up to buy a book and have it signed and stayed to chat with us. Then an American man wandered in with a cleverly designed fold up bike to sit and have lunch and straightaway bought two copies of the book. Inga’s had been recommended to him some time ago and he had promised himself a visit at some point then he was told about the book signing and decided Tuesday would be the day. He lingered over his meal savouring the food and reading the book, occasionally joining in the conversation. He will certainly return with his wife who is a vegan.

Tuesday was a day of visits and I passed by some of the places that stock the book to say hello, my last being Mouflon bookshop, where I was given further information to follow-up and told the good news that they had sold all the copies of ‘Androula’s Kitchen’ that they had in stock and needed some more. So I ended up feeling fulfilled and content.



4 thoughts on “Signing or Talking?

  1. Thanks for sharing all of this, I enjoyed it vicariously. The lunch looked scrumptious, made me hungry just looking at the photos. I’m so glad that one of the bookshops sold out of the copies they had of your book. Great news! Continue to enjoy.

  2. My sister and I have been following your blog and love all your photos and articles. Thanks.
    Also that lovely lady at the Moufflon bookstore is my cousin. She is a gem.

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