Strawberry Fair

I haven’t blogged for a while as I was busy preparing for my trip to Cyprus and there seemed to be so many details to think about but I have arrived and did my first gig yesterday at the Strawberry Fair in Larnaka.

My trip didn’t start well as my taxi failed to turn up to take me to the station. I pre-booked it the day before but used a company I haven’t used for years and needless to say will never use again. As their number was permanently engaged I phoned a different taxi company who came straight away. Sadly I missed my train by a whisker and as that ticket was also pre-booked and only valid for that time train I had to buy another ticket. Not a promising start.

We seemed to make good time on the flight and were going to arrive early but as we were descending, suddenly the plane pulled up to start ascending again with no explanation and did a few circuits before landing on time? We could only assume there was no landing space. Well I had arrived in one piece and my cousin Michael was there to meet me so I began to relax.

I had to get up early to collect the hire car from Lefkosia town and duly drove down to Larnaka. The sun was in a cloudless sky and the car was going smoothly, these days there are so many lights and bells that it’s difficult to know what is what but all seemed fine. When I arrived in Larnaka I knew the area where the college was but having so many narrow streets and one way roads, it isn’t always easy to arrive in a straightforward manner. So consequently I arrived just as the Fair had started. But after I had been placed in a breezy location and settled down I began to take in my surroundings.

The Cyprus college of art is situated in a beautiful old town house and has the feel of all art colleges, or art colleges used to be in my early days, that is, dusty with messy edges. The craft stalls were laid out in the central wide corridor in the middle of the house which has doors either end to allow a cool breeze. This is called the iliakos in Greek. There was a steady flow of people and the second hand bookstall did very well. There were a group of German ladies who had an assortment of different novelties and crafts on their stall as well as a glass artist, a painter and so on. Of course there were strawberries which are in season now in Cyprus, they are large and juicy.  I didn’t have a huge success in terms of sales but I did make a few good connections which is often of more benefit.

Tired and warm I made my weary way home after going the wrong way at first of course, I settled on the motorway to Lefkosia with the radio playing when I noticed a  faint pinging noise like an  alarm going off. I couldn’t see anything untoward on the dashboard but who can tell?

So I pulled over switched everything off and waited a few minutes then re-started the engine. Just as I set off there it was again. Do you know what it was? I had put my heavy bag on the passenger seat and there was a red light flashing telling me the seat belt wasn’t fastened! Cars are such fussy things these days, you have to do everything according to their rules.


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