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A few days ago I wrote about my dilemma in finding the best way to get about the island. I am now clearer about how long I want to spend where and on advice from fellow blogger Sarah, I have gone for the most convenient date for giving the talk at the Cyprus College of Art. After wracking my brains trying to come up with a way of fitting in around the 19th April I just gave up and went for my original date of the 26th April. This is the day I leave and as my flight doesn’t take off until 10.30 pm it gives me plenty of time to drop by at the College and give a talk on my way to the airport which is only 15 minutes away. So I start my trip at the College attending the Strawberry Fair in aid of a local Cancer Charity on the 7th where I will be selling copies of the book (and signing them should anyone ask) and I finish with giving a talk at the college.


The Cyprus College of Art  holds lectures every Friday afternoon starting at 4.30 pm and  lasting about 45 minutes. Among the attendees are usually some members of the local U3A group. When I heard this I was quite surprised as I didn’t know U3A existed in Cyprus. I belong to my local U3A in Chichester although I have to say I haven’t attended many events as yet, but I think the idea is great and offers opportunity to learn new things and meet new people. The Larnaka U3A has a very varied programme and looks to be well organised, I look forward to meeting some of the members.

When I was looking for information about buses  I came across a very helpful site which is a mine of information and has links to the bus companies and the CTO’s own information on taxis etc.

Now I can relax a bit and spend my time thinking about all the places I want to visit and people I will be seeing.

English: The front of the Cyprus College of Ar...

English: The front of the Cyprus College of Art (Cornaro Institute) in Larnaca (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3 thoughts on “Travel Information

  1. The only way I know how to travel in Cyprus is by car! Or there is a company called Travel Express where you book a pick up on a minibus and they take you to your destination, along with the other passengers, which means it can be quite slow especially when you’re making stops in the villages! Have a great time!

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