Looming up on the Horizon

English: Whitchurch - Silk Mill The weaving ro...

English: Whitchurch – Silk Mill The weaving room makes small run silk products. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m quite excited as in a couple of weeks I’m going on a little jaunt with my friend Gill to Whitchurch.

My friend Gill and I plan several little jaunts a year and like to go somewhere that offers some artistic and creative food for thought and often a good dose of inspiration with it. We have visited exhibitions at galleries and artists’ homes as well as having a good old mooch in an enriching and vibrant town. We usually have a lot of fun as well as gaining some creative enrichment.

Where is Whitchurch and what is there to see there? Well Whitchurch is a few miles north of Winchester, a very nice town in Hampshire, and there you will find  a silk mill.  http://whitchurchsilkmill.org.uk/  Now you don’t see many of these nowadays, certainly not functioning anyway and as readers of my blog will know I’m a bit of a loomy….. that is I  have a long held fascination for them.  I have  a whole section on weaving in my book “Androula’s Kitchen-” and on one visit to Cyprus I met up with a weaver Rolandos Locaides, who is fascinated by the old patterns used in silk weaving in the past. When I visited he wasn’t weaving silk and I am interested to see some being woven close to.

Archive photo from Yerolakkos

Archive photo from Yerolakkos of Auntie Eugenia at her loom

Silk is such a fabulous fabric with it’s lustrous, shimmering sheen and that sensuous soft feel when you wear it. Although it can feel very cool on the skin and indeed is cool to wear in hot weather it is also a good insulator in winter if worn in layers. Of course it isn’t cheap to make as the yarn is acquired from the cocoons of a silk worm. I am looking forward to taking lots of photos and filling you in on my experience.


Whitchurch (Photo credit: HerryLawford)


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