Happy New Year with Happy New Pages

After the holidays I’m gearing up to forge ahead with some more marketing ideas to get the news ‘out there’  about  “Androula’s Kitchen” the book. There are many avenues to explore and I will try not to get stuck like a rabbit in the headlights, by working my way steadily through the maze. The more I explore the more there is to explore.

I am gradually adding content to my site by adding some permanent pages about the subjects I love and over time I hope to add more and more value to the site to make it a place where you can not only come to read about my experiences but also where you can find links to information and other sites on the subjects I talk about.

I have also added quite a few more photos which certainly makes for a more enjoyable experience, especially with the slide show facility now available. There will soon be videos as well….”oooer misses”Untitled

Christmas has given me a bit of breathing space although the brain never seems to stop thinking but has been distracted for a while, thank goodness. So now it’s onwards and upwards. Here is wishing everyone not only a Happy New Year but one filled with peace.

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