New Photo Galleries on the Blog

I have been enjoying myself this morning. I have been using the new addition to the WordPress tools and adding photo galleries to my new pages. Just click on any of the photos above and it will take you to a slideshow. This is so cooool (sorry- slipped into adolescence there?) After uploading a whole new range of photos into my media gallery, I have opted for slideshows on most of the pages, it has enabled me to use some of the photos I was unable to fit into the book which is very satisfying.

When choosing photographs for Androula’s Kitchen, I was frustrated because there were so many that I wanted to use, really I would have been happy just making a photo book! Maybe next time. It seems to be a whole lot quicker to upload as well, which is a real boon when you have quite a selection. You may have noticed, if you are a regular reader of this blog, that the site has been having a bit of an overhaul. I wanted to match up to the great job Short Run Press made of my book. I hope that by having some permanent pages it will help people see more clearly what the site and the book is about and give a taste of information I cover in the book. It’s an ongoing process, so far there is the Arts & Crafts page with a drop down menu for pottery and weaving, I will add baskets and lace later. There will also be a food page with access to the recipes as well as a bit of information on food culture.

Let me know what you think. I like a good bit of feedback and please, feel free to share amongst your friends.


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