A Few Good Things


I thought I would start posting about some people I have met over the internet waves.

I set up a Facebook page (see sidebar) some time ago to promote the book Androula’s Kitchen- Cyprus on a Plate- and through it I have got to know of all sorts of people who are doing wonderful things in Cyprus. Today I will introduce you to Elena Savvides  of Orexi Cyprus “We began operations in July 2004 due to two separate requests from friends who asked us to ‘cook some of that lovely Lebanese food that you do’ for parties that they were planning. This is the trouble when you do lots of entertaining at home – people want you in the kitchen at all times…

Orexi is the Greek word for appetite, before you start a meal in someones house you wish them “Kalin orexi” Good appetite.

I haven’t met Elenna yet but one day I will pay her a visit and I hope to sample some of her wonderful Lebanese food. She lives in the Paphos region and is married to a Lebanese man between them they have  quite a bit of experience in food and cooking and they run a catering business. There are many wonderful reviews posted of her food from satisfied customers. There are many similarities between Cypriot and Lebanese food as they are very close geographically.
She also does foraging days near where she lives, taking people out into the countryside near her and showing them how and what to pick from the hedgerows. These sound a lot of fun, afterwards they head back to her kitchen and cook it all.
She sounds like a very busy woman. Check out her website http://www.orexicyprus.com/ and see for yourself  or follow on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/orexicyprus?fref=ts

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