It Is Official – I’m in Print!

wine babes

wine babes (Photo credit: brendaj)

The day has finally arrived when my books arrived from the printer on Monday. It was a close thing because I nearly ended up with a palette full of wine! I realised just in time that, no this wasn’t a complimentary box of wine – shame on them- it was in fact a whole palette full of boxes of wine and not books. I took delivery of my precious cargo and there it was my book in print.

Anyone who has worked on a project for a long time will know that  completing the project and seeing the finished thing does not always fill you with a feeling of triumph that most people think it should, in fact in can feel a bit of an anti-climax!

Don’t get me wrong it looks good but when I look at it, I think about whether I made the right choices and how I could have improved it. I have been restoring and painting furniture for more years than I care to state, particularly today on my birthday- where do the years go? The one thing I was surprised to realise is that it doesn’t matter what the project is I am working on, be it writing a book or painting a piece of furniture, the same  instincts and feelings work within me. My job required me to scrutinise everything minutely, to find the flaws and rectify them, particularly on restoration of furniture. I would be constantly scanning the job to find the damage and make it good. I had  to be hyper-critical of my work and push myself to absolute limits of my ability, always looking for any mistakes or faulty work and so it is with the book.But I am trying to change my ways a bit and let go of that hypercritical side. I’m trying to allow myself to relax and know that my hard work and scrutiny has led to a great little book that people will love once they see it. I’m loving the fact that all that enjoyment and passion has materialised into an attractive book with great photos,interesting snipets of information on all sorts of topics I’TS NOT  A COOKERY BOOK  it is a book on Arts crafts and Food . to buy it.

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