Good News Week!!!

I have the news hot off the press( ha ha) that Androula’s Kitchen is actually being printed as I write! So not long now and all those who have been waiting patiently it will be able to see it in the flesh.

The sun is shining today and it looks a beautiful autumn day out there. I was driving through a very pretty part of West Sussex yesterday and admiring some of the stunning russet colours of the leaves that are adorning the oak trees in particular in this area. I was wishing that the sun was shining on them and trying to imagine how much more beautiful they would look with dappled sunlight. I am very tempted to return with camera in hand today but I have other duties in a different direction; I might take the camera along ‘though as there are some lovely trees there too.

My ‘day job’ has been restoring furniture for 40 odd years now ( blimey is it that long…?) and over the last 8 of those years I have been a bit more unfettered as I use a bit of space in my old friends’ workshop as and when I need to, rather than having my own. It has it’s drawbacks and advantages but every day I count my blessings that they were generous enough to let me into their space and share it with me. One of the advantages is that it is surrounded by fields as it is set in the old cowsheds’ of a farm. The skyline is broad and ever changing and the site affords a grand view of distant Downs as well as fields. I haven’t had the need to spend much time there in the last year but suddenly a little flurry of commissions has seen me visiting again daily and on a fine day like today it is a pleasure to see what  the landscape has to offer.This is an old photo but I will take my camera today and hope to catch some autumn glory.


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