Printing Error!

English: Cover of the 2009 print of Time Will ...

English: Cover of the 2009 print of Time Will Run Back by Henry Hazlitt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It seems the best laid plans go awry- I do love that word. I had got it all worked out, I booked in the print run with the printer for the beginning of October and once the proofs were approved it would be ‘bobs-your-uncle’ done. Well it seems what I thought was ‘booked in for the beginning of October’ really meant ‘any time in October’! So as of last Wednesday they still haven’t started? I can only apologise profusely to anyone who is waiting patiently….I am assured it is still scheduled to print for October. Once the process starts it takes about a week to arrive at the finished bound book.

I was even more disconcerted when I received an email from the printer on Tuesday to say that they were expecting a brand new super -duper litho press at the end of October (it turns out that meant the very last day of October) and that my book would be perfect to print on that, would I mind putting it back a couple of weeks? Errrr yes? It was a bit short notice to ask me that with orders placed and after asking , I found that it is super- duper fast but only very marginally better in finish so I stayed in the queue I was in. It’s a bit like queueing in a bank or a Post Office, should I join the shortest queue or the one that is moving (it appears) faster? The tortoise and the hare dilemma. I opted for staying put, as I pointed out, as with most machines it will need bedding in, wrinkles ironed out etc. so two weeks delay could stretch to three and then it still has to be printed and bound looking more like the end of November. Time vanished fast into a black hole.


עברית: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I shouldn’t be surprised as the  whole journey from writing a book to consequently getting it published has many hiccoughs and hurdles along the way, I’m telling myself this is just another kink in the road. Chillax. At least I’m not having it printed on one of those printers, it would take months!!!!

4 thoughts on “Printing Error!

  1. I can wait patiently, too Sonia.

    This reminds me all too vividly of the nightmarish last weeks of my book process. My publisher insisted that it be done in time to launch at a conference. So my deadline was not negotiable. Since I’d taken on the design and illustration AND digital production of the book, I was completely immersed in those details. I had an editor at the publishers, but the last weeks when I really needed her, she was working on another project. My book is beautifully produced, but riddled with little typos I just didn’t catch them all in the stress.
    So don’t worry about the advance orders, take the time needed now to make it beautiful and right while you can.
    I can’t wait to see it, or rather, I can. Patiently.

    • Thanks so much Sarah. I have resigned myself now to let it work itself out. I did spend a long time going over and over it but I’m sure there will be the odd mistake here and there. At least I didn’t have the pressure you experienced put on me.

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