The Excitement is rising….

NZ Red Admiral Butterfly wing underside detail...

NZ Red Admiral Butterfly wing underside detail, mid winter, 


Yes the excitement is rising as yesterday I approved the proofs of  ‘Androula’s Kitchen Cyprus on a Plate’ and it’s gone to Press!!!


So for good or ill the book is rolling towards its final package ( hence the butterfly image).

The book designer rang today as he also had been sent a copy of the proofs and he asked me if I read it a final time before I gave the go-ahead. Oh dear no I didn’t! I have read the text so many times I nearly know it off by heart. When I was writing it of course I read it over and over and over ad infinitum, changing and correcting. When I sent it to be edited I had to read it through many, many more times again. Then when it reached the designer I had to check it very carefully for any missed text and errors, several times. So no I didn’t read it again.I’m sure there must be a mistake or two lurking in there somewhere and I send out a challenge to all of you to spot them and report back!

Hey we’re all human. You can buy the PDF file  now if you want to read it on iPad for £6.99 or the RRP for the book is £17.99.

It will be available from me direct by contacting me via the comment box below or  from your local book shop by order using the ISBN and on Amazon. So watch this space for the details.

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