Nicos in the Garden

The man Himself

Recently I read an article  by Jill Campbell Mackay on The Red Cactus Post called ‘Perfection in Polis’ which was a review of The Old Town restaurant. This brought back memories of the first time I set foot in this restaurant.

Nicos’ Garden

In 1989 I went to Cyprus with several members of my family to scatter my dear mum’s ashes from Troodos as was her wish and as we were based in nearby Prodromi, we visited The Old Town many times. My cousin Nicos was the proprietor at that time and the cooking was fabulous. Most of the work on the building and the garden he had done himself. There were many secluded spots outside where you could tuck yourself in a corner and hide away from the rest of the diners. It had a couple of levels which were divided by stone walls and of course bushes and foliage. I was very impressed with how well he had done the work and how creatively he had designed it.

Mythical Man

I discovered later, when visiting his home, that he was indeed  an artist in stone. His garden is a delight and is retained on the boundaries, by many beautifully made stone walls, some of them dry stone, with features of carving dotted about, as well as larger carvings he has worked on or are works in progress. On a more recent visit, a few years ago I discovered he had laid a whole area with stone mosaic paving, depicting some mythical story, sadly I did not understand what the story was as my Greek wasn’t quite up to the task. Indeed his garden is turning into an art exhibit.

Nicos’ Garden

Even more recently as readers of this blog will know, I returned to Cyprus to attend a wedding and it was Nicos’ daughter who was getting married. The second celebration was held in the Old Town Restaurant, now under different management but the magic of the garden was the same.  It was a pleasure to visit these surroundings again in such fitting and  romantic circumstances.

The bride and her mum

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