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IMovie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have had a bit of a struggle with technology this week as I tried to make a short video. To start with it was a great laugh when a friend came round and we had a few gasses of wine and did a few takes. It all seems very straightforward, you just set up the camera and talk right?. I just could not get the words in the right order. I did think of writing it down and memorising them but then that wouldn’t sound spontaneous enough. I tried doing some more on my own and I took take after take after take.
Then I tried using iMovie to cut and paste. I found this fiendishly hard. I have never used it before and the short video tutorials they supply seem woefully inadequate for a greenhorn like me. I’m sure you could do amazing things with it if you know what you’re doing, I need instructions. Nothing digital seems to have instructions these days. You have to sort of fumble around in the dark until it makes sense, which in my case can take a long time.
I decided to have a break and I hope, magically, that when I take the camera up again it will all fall into place. CUT.

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