Another New Skill to Learn

Yes I’m still joining up the dots from last week. This week I’ve got to master yet another new skill, this time making a short video! I’ve never attempted this before. I’ve only just started and already frustrated that I can’t do it instantly.

It started off as a good laugh as a friend came round last night and after a meal and a couple of glasses of wine we got going. There was one hilarious moment when she was trying to film me moving around on her knees on the kitchen floor and the resulting film looked like I was on a rocking boat.

This morning however, reality kicked in and I have to get to grips with putting the thing together, so what do I do….. procrastinate of course. Here is a lovely picture of a kind of gorse bush I grew from seed from a friend’s garden.



See what I mean? This gorse bush is however, vaguely related to Cyprus as it can be found growing in the wild there I discovered. A neighbour of mine remarked on how lovely it was when in full flower carrying with it quite a strong scent and being a keen gardener, went away and looked it up in one of her gardening books. It turns out it is a native of Morocco. She forgot the name. The problem is it gets a bit top heavy. It started out as very vigorous and bushy but then the weight just pulled the branches down and then they broke so one by one I have had to sever them. There is just the one main clump now and I’m hoping it will survive the winds of autumn.

Oh and here’s a bit of music to while away the time:-



Well that is enough of a break now, I must return to grapple with making a movie. Cameras, action……..

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