Joining up the Dots

Yes I’m riding back up  that high rise of the roller coaster again and I can almost see the top! My stomach is lurching at the thought of what it will feel like when I get there. I loved going on roller coasters when I was a kid , I couldn’t get enough of them and the thrill of coming down that long fall. I haven’t been on one for many years and I am curious to try it for real one more time but I suspect I will have different sensations this time. The roller coasters of today are much more scary than when I was a child but it will definitely go on my list of “things to do soon”  Check out this fascinating link to find out how they work here.

Back to my ‘virtual’ roller coaster; I have at last made my plans and the ‘Androula’s Kitchen – Cyprus on a Plate” is going to print at the beginning of October and all being well should be available by the middle of October. I have been beavering away at setting up a new blog using Blogger, to act as a shopping portal for a special offer. I have set up a new page with all the information on this site, just check the page titles above. Up until the 29th September the offer price from this site will be £15.00 plus postage and packing then the price will revert to the RRP of £17.99 plus postage and packing so don’t miss out. I will be setting up availability via Amazon of course but this will be at the normal price and not signed.

It is a very exciting time but also quite nerve wracking as I try and join up all the dots. Over the next few days I will be setting up the Amazon sellers account and broadcasting the news wherever I can about the imminent arrival of my baby book. It has been quite an adventure over the last few years getting to this point. When I started out I had no plan of how I would get into print and indeed I was just focusing on enjoying the ride. Little by little you travel your road, stopping to smell the air and admire the scenery, then one day there you are at the threshold of a new experience.

Check out the book page before you leave.


2 thoughts on “Joining up the Dots

    • Thank you so much Sarah. It has been long road and at times confusing one. But I’m looking forward to seeing the book in my hands at last. Andrew, the book designer, has done a great job in presenting my original ideas and material in a really professional format. I hope you enjoy it.

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