I’ve just come back from a wander up to the community garden to take a few photos. Our resident phab photographer, Lois,  is on her holidays at the moment in Normandy. I write a blog for our garden as well as Androula’s Kitchen duties and  I needed a few illustrative shots for this weeks bit of banter.

Not much of a chore to be honest, as it’s a beautiful day, big puffy clouds sailing in the sky and warm.

As I was approaching the garden I bumped into some old customers of mine from my furniture decorating/restoration days. A surprise, as I usually bump into them in Waitrose in Chichester, for some bizarre  reason it seems a bit of a Bermuda triangle in there as I often meet people I haven’t seen for ages, usually old customers. Unusually I hadn’t seen Barbara and Nigel for some time. They were walking their dogs.


Waitrose (Photo credit: several_bees)

I started telling Barbara about “AK-COP”  as I might start to call it. Don’t you hate the way acronyms seem to be creeping in everywhere? Useful I know but if you’re not in the know, you haven’t a clue what people are talking about, it’s almost getting to the point where you need some sort of dictionary to unravel the mystery. Of course this one is easy as it stands for “Androula’s Kitchen- Cyprus on a Plate”. Anyway, Barbara is always so encouraging  and came up with some marvellous ideas for  marketing and publicising the book when I get into print. This last couple of weeks has seen a glimmer of light at the end of that particular tunnel and a window of opportunity to boot so this might not be too far away.

Serendipity is a wonderful thing and I love these moments of meeting someone or reading something that provides just the right snippet of information that you need at that time. Ain’t life marvellous!!!


Here’s a few photos from the garden.




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