Batik Experience

The only reason I have for posting these on this blog is that my friend asked me too!! The only link that I can think of to connect them directly with Cyprus is me, which I guess is a good enough reason. These were all done over the last few years. The picture below is of a four fold screen made up of panels of batik on paper and fixed into a wooden frame that has been silvered with silver leaf. The two images below that are of batik on silk which was a project I did for my sister initially to make a lampshade. The first attempt wasn’t as I hoped so I did a second lot but my sister was so reluctant to cut the second piece she had the shade made out of the first attempt and was thrilled with the result.

Some batk on silk

These last four images are a few of the smaller projects on paper. I have a love of dance and movement and this is reflected in my subject matter of dancers with a few pumpkins thrown in!

some batik on paper

Tango Pasion

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