For the Love of Art

Русский: Арт Студио Сергей Константинов.

Русский: Арт Студио Сергей Константинов. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


For as long as I can remember Art has given me a thrill! It’s a big word ART even ‘though it’s only made up of three letters. It encompasses a whole spectrum of ideas and vehicles of expression.

I’m the youngest of three children and we all get fired up in our own way about ART. I can remember the smell of our local art shop, Vandy’s, that was next to the polytechnic  in Walthamstow where I lived, graphite, paper, glue and paint . The shop was like an Aladdin’s cave to me, just to feel the art paper between my fingers sent a frisson of excitement through me.  To this day that smell fills me with a sense of happiness. Whenever I walk into an art studio or shop and breathe in the aroma I feel at home. I am at my happiest when surrounded by the paraphernalia of drawing and  painting. I spent my working life in the middle of it, dressed in painty overalls and spattered shoes, mucking about with oil colours and paintbrushes conjuring up colours and design. My three dimensional “canvas” was furniture, which came in all shapes,sizes periods and styles.

Walthamstow Town Hall

Walthamstow Town Hall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I didn’t get down to creating my own art until very late and once I started I revelled in the process. The medium I gravitated towards was batik on paper, which allows me to use some beautiful hand made papers together with vibrant dyes and wax to achieve  extraordinary  textural results. My favourite paint finish used to be marbling and batik on paper, strangely enough allows me to  achieve similar subtle patterns and textures within the medium but with an added transparency and vibrancy.


paper (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

I love going to art and craft exhibitions as the variety and breadth of media and subjects is an endless source of fascination and inspiration. I come away bursting with ideas and if the ideas don’t immediately turn into projects they are fuel for further exploration later. Wherever I am in the world my eyes are searching out design and colour, whether in nature or man made, now, with digital cameras it takes seconds to snap it up for more detailed viewing later. I consider myself so lucky to have such an absorbing and endlessly fascinating passion.


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