Broad Beans Abundance

In the UK it is the season of Broad Beans and down at the Tangmere Community Garden we have a fine crop of them so we were discussing ways of cooking them.  I love these beans, when young both their shells and contents can be cooked to provide a delicious vegetable to add to your meal. They can be dressed with lemon juice and olive oil simply, with salt and pepper to taste or why not try the following method which my cousin Androula gave me. Pulses being an important staple in the Cypriot diet I have of course included it in my book “Androula’s Kitchen – Cyprus on a Plate”      ( pending publication).

KOUCHA (Broad Beans)

Fresh or dried broad beans can be used for this recipe. Cook the shelled broad beans or the dried beans first and then drain.

Heat some olive oil in a deep-sided pan and add crushed or chopped garlic to your taste, and gently fry. Add some wine vinegar (about 142ml for two people) and a little flour and stir to thicken slightly, then add the broad beans. Leave for a few minutes to absorb the flavours and serve at once.

More olive oil, garlic and fresh mint can be added to your taste.

As with a lot of Cypriot dishes it includes a few ingredients which together produce a delicious dish, either as a simple meal in itself or as an accompaniment to a larger course.

Broad beans, shelled and steamed

Broad beans, shelled and steamed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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