Since I’ve returned from my travels life seems to be on superdrive even more than usual. I don’t know where the days go, or weeks come to that. Every year life seems to speed up even faster than the one before. So much so that I lose track of where we are in the year. When we arrived at March I was shocked as those months just seemed to have flown by and yet now we are in June I feel this year has been a long struggle. It could be something to do with the strange weather we have been having. In March we had a heat wave and it felt like June, now we are in June in feels like October! Today and for most of this week we seem to be getting strong winds which I find strangely unsettling.The sudden gusts of winds swishing and swaying all the, now in full leaf, branches on the trees.

My book “Androula’s Kitchen- Cyprus on a Plate” has also seemed to be in a strange time-warp of its own. I can’t believe it is two years since I went to Cyprus to gather information and photos for this project. During that time I have worked and re-worked it several times to arrive at the very polished version that it has now become. With the help of a copy editor and book designer I have finally reached a finished product that is very close to my idea of how I thought it could look. It now looks fresh, contemporary and bright; some of the colours we’ve used are almost startling! I can’t wait to see it in print…..there is my next hurdle.

During that two years I have been reading and searching to find a way to get in print. I have been both encouraged and discouraged  in turn when looking for a publisher. Now I have a couple of avenues to check out but the more I learn about publishing the more complex a world it seems, a world with its own language and protocol. There are, these days, many ways to self publish but even that is not straight-forward and there are many things to consider. My main concern is that the finished book is of good quality both in printing and production. My question is how do you know what the quality is like when everything is done online these days? The pictures need to be sharp the paper a good weight. When dealing with a publisher or printer direct, of course these things will be discussed and samples shown.

I have come a long way since I started this project and I have gathered much knowledge on the journey, now my journey continues and who knows where it will take me next. I can’t wait.


5 thoughts on “Finished

  1. So exciting! It’s definitely been a strange year so far, especially weather-wise. It’s so much easier to get things done when the sun is shining, but all it’s done here is rain. Oh, except the one time it looked nice but was actually awful (that’s where those winds came in). Despite all that it seems like things are really coming along, and your book is looking amazing from what you’ve shown us so far. Good luck in the next step of the journey!

  2. Yes, it is exciting and it looks great.

    I think it would be worth it to choose a self publisher like blurb and get one copy done, it doesn’t cost much. Then you have something to actually hold and compare. If you like theirs, get more done, if you don’t then I am sure people know and can recommend other good online publishers. Good luck.

  3. The whole thing is looking great. I can’t believe it is over 2 years ago you first told me you were thinking of writing it over lunch in the pub at Watersfield, it was snowing, do you remember? Now you have a great looking product – don’t give up, you never know, the CTO may come good yet! Whatever, you have worked so hard on this and it deserves to be seen.

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