The Little Fish has Swum Back to the Pond

 World book fair

World book fair (Photo credit: Anks)

After the hustle and bustle of The London Book Fair last week I have come back to my comfort zone to reflect.

It was exactly as I thought it would be: very busy, very hot, very large and not particularly author friendly. But I found it valuable as the few conversations I had with some of the exhibitors, was constructive. I came away with a different perspective and the task of sharpening my focus on how I want to present “Androula’s Kitchen” to the world.

When I started collating and writing “Androula’s Kitchen – Cyprus on a Plate ” it was from my enthusiasm to find out bite size snippets of information about the cuisine and culture of the everyday. I revelled in gathering the information and the photos of course. My thoughts were ‘If this interests me then it must be of interest to others.” But what I never thought of doing was writing it from a publisher’s viewpoint of how to maximise its commerciality. I vaguely thought about where it would fit into the book shop categories. Is it a book on Arts & Crafts, Food or a journal? No, it’s all of these.

I’ve never exactly gone along with the main stream in life, I guess I’ve always been a bit of a rebel at heart and want to go my own way. Running true to form, I have come up with a book that doesn’t fit into a nice tidy slot.

When I came up with the “Cyprus on a Plate” part of the title  it wasn’t because I wanted to present it as a recipe book, although it does have some recipes in it. I wanted to give a ‘flavour’ of Cyprus not just its food but its culture. It doesn’t just have recipes it has information about the food. It give background and information on not just traditional weaving, basket making, pottery and The Arts  but on the contemporary. I’m proud of my little creation as you would expect but will anyone else want to buy it is the question? If so how am I going to tempt them to explore the content between the covers? I thought I could say “this is a meze of Cypriot culture from Arts & crafts to food. A feast for the eyes as well as the stomach” Does that sum it up do you think? Let me know.


Information (Photo credit: heathbrandon)


4 thoughts on “The Little Fish has Swum Back to the Pond

  1. Congratulations on surviving the Book Fair and taking from it what is of use to you. I thought of you and hoped it would be a rewarding experience.

    Your book concept is wonderful. Some of my favourite literature contains recipes these days, and there is more of it appearing. I love the potpourri mix of food, crafts and personal stories. I’d like to order a copy, so here is an advance order.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about publishers ideas to commercialise it now. Do it for yourself first and enjoy it. There is nothing saying you have to make a product of it or that it has to be commercially viable right away. You can do an awfuyl lot with self publishing these days. I’ll send you a helpful link I recently found with lots of encouraging info about making books from blogs, but of course it pertains to making books in general.

    I’d just make your book, complete it, have one copy published and then see where you want to go from there.

    • Thanks you so much for your encouragement and comments and the order wow, my first definite. I am working towards an ebook at the moment as I’ve published a couple of versions on Blurb already which were just to see how to lay it out and what it looked like and also to show a few people. It is being professionally tidied up at the moment, nearly there and is looking very nice. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks very much for all the links I’ll check them out.

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